Welcome to my world!

Hey there.  My name is Elise.  I’m an emerging artist who mainly works in the medium of painting, with my work being mostly acrylic and ink abstracts.  I’m also dabbling in water colour, and studying visual arts.  In my studies I’m learning how to do printmaking, which includes woodcuts, t-shirt designs and lino prints.  In the coming modules I’ll be learning more about drawing figures and many other techniques.  I also love photography, writing poetry and all kinds productions…. theatre, musicals, drama.  So many different things inspire me!  I’ve won numerous awards over the last ten years, and I’m looking forward to my first solo exhibition at the premier regional gallery in my hometown, Townsville.  Stay tuned for a post about this event at Perc Tucker Gallery soon!


10 thoughts on “Welcome to my world!

  1. Hi Elise! So great to see you’re starting a blog! Can’t wait to read more about what that wonderfully creative talent of yours produces in the coming weeks and months. Your work inspires so many. Go girl!

  2. So great to see (read) the beginning of your blog. It will be such a joy to witness your amazing future unfold! Your passion through your gift of art brings so much colour to the world and to those that have the privilege of knowing you. Well Done Elise!

  3. A good start Elise. Look forward to seeing how you go and grow. May your dreams run into each other, complementing and completing the life you are sharing with us.

  4. Well done Elise. I always knew you’d be a great artist and a success. May you just go from strength to strength. We wish you all the best for your future and your artistic pursuits.

    Gran and Grandad

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