My Exhibition at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Townsville

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Venue Information

It’s around the time now where I’m finalizing the details of my exhibition.  There’s only a couple of weeks  until I set it up, ready for the public eye.  When this opportunity came around I knew that I wanted to make the most out of it, so of course here it is on my blog.   I’ve also written an article to go into the local papers.  I hope that they take the story up!

So, how did this all come about?  About 2 years ago, I put together a folio of my paintings and photos and presented it to the Gallery.   I hadn’t heard from them until earlier this year.  One day I checked my e-mail which said, ” Congratulations!   You’ve been selected for the Showcase space.”  I was so excited!  I thought that I hadn’t made the cut, but now I realize that it’s a long process of selection and consideration before you get the final green light.  There are so many artists who want to exhibit there, being the Premier gallery of the region, so I am blessed and lucky to have this opportunity.

The Gallery produces a “didactic” panel (a bit about me and my style of work) and designs the invitations.  Of course, those are here on the blog for you too, so consider yourself invited!  The exhibition starts on the 13th May and goes until the 11th June.  The official opening is Sunday, May 25th at 11:00 am.  I’d love you to come!  Please feel free to tell others, and bring a friend.

EliseHigginson_didactic-web(2)       Click on this link for the didactic.

EliseHigginson_invite-web(1)            Click on this for the invitation.



Elise Higginson

And it was a success!!! IMG_2885 IMG_2886 IMAG0568IMAG0565IMAG0577   IMG_2782 IMG_2796 IMG_2809 IMG_2820


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