Some of my gallery of paintings and other news…

I would like to take this opportunity to post some pictures of my paintings that have not yet appeared on my blog.  If you see something you like be sure to let me know and we can talk about price.  Send me a message by replying here or send an email to:   I’d love to hear from you!

In other news for me, I have entered this years Queensland Regional Art Awards again, and look forward to seeing all of the entries posted in the near future.  This state wide competition has held success for me on two occasions before now.  In 2011 I won the “People’s Choice Award” which resulted in an exciting trip to Brisbane to spend the prize winnings of $700 at the Brisbane Art Shed!  Then in 2014 I had my painting called “Cane Fire”  (an abstract version of a cane fire) selected for the Touring Exhibition.  This piece sold at one of the many regional galleries incorporated in the tour.    The theme for 2016 is called “Colours of Queensland,” and if you’d like more information here is the QRAA’s website:


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